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Design. Growing up with his father’s drawing boards and hands on projects, Stark continued his design aspirations at the ecole nissim de camondo in Paris. It’s the Axor Starck Organic, a stylish water-saving faucet which features two handles to control the water temperature and the water volume. Philippe Starck’s creative opus includes more than 10,000 designs. (B&B Italia) Sofas. In Philippe Starck's latest innovation, SPHERE for STARCK BIOTCH PARIS, eyeglass and sunglass wearers are treated to an innovative hinge design that holds together the frame without … About Philippe Starck. Discover an object or a place designed by Philippe Starck, is to enter a world of imagination, surprises and fabulous fantasy. While it looks great in any setting, the Bubble Club Sofa is ideal for outdoor use. For over 30 … Our design experts are ALA-certified (American Lighting Association) and have an average of 10+ years in the interior design, architectural lighting and home renovation industry. A cult classic, the Louis Ghost Chair is a Philippe Starck staple. We’ve gathered 20 of our favorite designs to share. Shop Philippe Starck furniture and designs at Design Within Reach. Like a work of art, these chairs are an engaging and sinuous hybrid of a few classic modern chairs. Known for his acrylic creations, Philippe Starck is a top leader in modern design. While it may look like a traditional lampshade, the Romeo Moon S1 Pendant Light is actually a pressed clear glass shade. ©2020 Design Within Reach. Lightweight and comfortable, its elegant style is available in both bar and counter heights. While its lines are more linear than the original, it is still just as elegant and pleasing to the eye. It has a graceful shape and an elegant design … Known for his acrylic creations, Philippe Starck is a top leader in modern design. Philippe Starck is a French designer known since the start of his career in the 80s for his interior, product, industrial and architectural design including furniture and objects that have simple but inventive structures.. Starck… A transparent monobloc in polycarbonate, this stool is formed from a single plastic injection mold, making it sturdy and practically indestructible. Working with world-renowned brands such as Kartell, Alessi, and more, Philippe Starck has designed hundreds of furniture pieces and accessories. It inspired a sibling chair, the Victoria. Born in 1949, Phillippe Starck was greatly inspired by his father, an aircraft designer. Listen carefully for one … AEKLYS BY STARCK, A TECHNOLOGICAL MIRACLE WITH INFINITE POSSIBILITIES. Name: Philippe Starck Born: January 18th, 1949 in Paris, France Parents: André Starck (industrial aeronautics) and Jacqueline Lanourisse Studied at: Notre Dame de Sainte Croix in Neuilly and l’Ecole Nissim de Camondo in Paris, France Often considered one of the most creative multi-disciplinary designers of our time, Philippe Starck… Enter Philippe Starck's universe and discover his creations, ideas, projects, collaborations and news. Each YLighting article is backed by the authority of the highest rated service team in the industry. Its crystal clear legs conceal a stabilizing metal core, while the top is finished in either a glossy lacquered polyester top or Wengé wood and bleached oak variations. The Toy Chair comes in a set of four, so creating an instant seating area or having extra chairs on hands is a breeze. Because of its transparent construction, the Small Ghost Buster Night Table doesn’t take up visual space. You can stack these up to 14 seats high too. Staying in Paris long after graduation, Starck … Refine by In Stock: In Stock and Ready to Ship, THE GIFTED SALE: SAVE 15% ON SELECT GIFTS. L'Econome by Starck … FRANCE (1949) School dropout Philippe Starck jump-started his career by designing two nightclub interiors in Paris in the 1970s. About. Because we can’t get enough of the original, Philippe Starck designed the One More Please Stool. Available in a soft array of pastel hues, this stool is flexible in its design. All Rights Reserved. It is suspected that his interest for design … All Rights Reserved. While sleek pedestal style is made from crystal clear acrylic, the top is in a bright hue that almost appears to be floating in thin air. Be the first to know about DWR special offers, new product launches, and Studio events. Use it as either a unique side table indoors or even outside. Philippe Starck is a very versatile designer who even created the design for a faucet. A quirky side table, Gnomes in Gold & Black take Starck’s playful design and finishes them in a chic metallic gold or posh jet black. Well loved for use as bedside tables or by the sofa, the Tip Top Table adds a splash of color to any room without weighing it down. A sofa that’s made entirely of plastic, the Bubble Club Sofa is an industrial twist on a traditional sofa. Be the first to know about DWR special offers, new product launches and Studio events. Working with world-renowned brands such as Kartell, Alessi, and more, Philippe Starck has designed hundreds of furniture pieces and accessories. Thanks to its acrylic construction, this chair is a stunning piece of art that goes with just about everything. Axiom Space – the world’s leading privately owned space exploration company – has invited French architect and designer Philippe Starck to create the futuristic interiors of the “habitation … From the habitation module on the new international space station to Steve Jobs’ yacht, Philippe Starck’s list of achievements speaks volumes. Virtuelle. A PIONEER OF THE BATHROOM. Whilst… One of the most famous designers in the world, Philippe Starck has turned his hand to … Iconic designer Philippe Starck has created a smart ring that can be used to store payment cards and transport passes, make contactless payments, and transfer business and ID information. Recalling the elegant shape of the chairs of the 1800s, the Charles Ghost Stool is a modern interpretation. Classic post-modernism, the Mister Meumeu Parmesan Cheese Cellar with Grater is full of wit and humor. You’ll never squeeze orange juice the same. Home Office Essentials: Desks, Chairs, Lighting and More. Philippe Starck, (born January 18, 1949, Paris, France), French designer known for his wide range of designs, including everything from interior design to household objects to boats to watches. FENC-E NATURE (CASSINA) Sofas. The Louis Ghost proved so popular that it inspired Starck and … Not to mention it’s just all around the perfect nightstand since there’s enough space for your necessities on top and to keep your last reads within reach. Learn more about how we protect your personal data by viewing our Privacy Notice. © 2019 YDesign Group. A gregarious, whimsical and open-minded view on design animates Frenchman Philippe Starck, who has applied his singular style to literally thousands of projects, from hotel interiors and plastic housewares … It’s a wonderfully practical and well-designed piece that can go from refrigerator to table with ease. We’ve gathered 20 of our favorite designs … Its stacking design makes storage easy and as well as convenient. Video Philippe Starck : PHILIPPE STARCK - 1. The soft contours of the armrests contrast nicely against the linear back, striking a balance between the two. For Philippe Starck, the A-list French architect and designer, Mr. Rauch is a daily source of inspiration. Champagne Cuvée Brut Nature 2012 (ROEDERER) Nutrition. Although it may appear minimal, the Toptop Rectangular Cafe Table doesn’t lack style. Top it off with the mesmerizing fabric designs from Rosita Missoni, and you’ve just found a match made in heaven. By the 1970s, Starck had set up his own design studio in Paris (Starck Products), building a reputation as a pioneer in the world of design. School dropout Philippe Starck jump-started his career by designing two nightclub interiors in Paris in the 1970s. He has … But don’t let its kitschy design fool you. Made of brilliant crystal, the Romeo Louis II Pendant Light features an acid polished transparent glass shade as well as an internal diffuser with an acid-etched outside and sandblasted inside. A burst of inspiration from an unsuspecting everyday activity. Once on, it glows from within, bathing the surrounding space in a wash of warm light. The success of the clubs won the attention of then-President François Mitterrand, who asked Starck to refurbish one of the private apartments in the Élysée Palace. Inside is an acid-etched pressed borosilicate glass internal diffuse, which gives off the perfect amount of diffused light. From the iconic to the cult favorites, here are our top 20 furniture and accessories from Philippe Starck. With over 30 years of career in design, Starck has many restaurant and hotel projects to his credit, including the Royalton in New York (1988), the Delano in Miami designed in 1995, the Mondrian in Los Angeles, the St Martin’s Lane in London from 1999, the Sanderson, also in London, designed … If we look only at the design area, we will notice a wide range of his designs for objects of different purposes: furniture, … A recognised designer since the 1980s. In 1994, AXOR and Philippe Starck … SPHERE (STARCK BIOTECH PARIS) Body. The Miss Sissi Table Lamp is made an injection-molded colored polycarbonate lamp body. Designed in the late 1980s, the Juicy Salif Citrus-Squeezer is one of Starck’s most recognizable designs, a signature piece for Alssi. Made in Design > All designers > Philippe Starck; Philippe Starck. In the late 1960s, he established an inflatable furnishings company. The alluring shape of the Prince Aha Stool is reminiscent of an hourglass. There’s no doubt that the Masters Chair is a modern icon. TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript: Designer Philippe Starck -- with no pretty slides to show -- spends 18 minutes reaching for the very roots of the question "Why design?" Philippe Starck thought up his design for the Juicy Salif in a way that most of us budding young designers can relate to. The success of the clubs won the attention of then-President François Mitterrand… Oh, it rains! Chat on-line or give us a call toll-free. Philippe Starck is a name that became a brand. He has also spent more than 20 years working on bathroom design in collaboration with AXOR. Words can’t really describe how beautiful, graceful, and elegant the Mademoiselle Chair really is. in the quest for dematerialization, renowned french designer philippe starck teamed up with kartell and autodesk to create a chair designed completely by artificial intelligence. Its sculptural style acts as both a functional piece as well as a beautiful decorative object. The Masters Stool turns one of Philippe Starck’s most iconic chairs into a statement stool. The result is an elegant fixture that elegantly diffuses light. The shade is reminiscent of a traditional pleated fabric diffuser, bringing a playful twist to this modern lamp. Since the 1980s, Philippe Starck has been creating ‘wows’ and setting international benchmarks with his design. Philippe Starck is a French industrial architect and designer known for his wide range of designs, including interior design, architecture, household objects and furniture, boats or other vehicles. Starck is known for his works in interior design, consumer goods, and industrial design as well as architectural creations. Keeping with the theme of acrylic, the Miss K Soft Table Lamp features a fully transparent, injection-molded PMMA polymethacrylate base. … Use #YintheWild to show us your modern space. The Bonze Porcelain Stool is certainly a head-turner. – Alessi Spa (UK) Philippe Starck, world famous creator with multifaceted inventiveness, is always focused on the essential, his vision: that creation, whatever form it takes, must improve the lives of as … French designer Philippe Starck was born in Paris on January 18, 1949. Receive our free, covetable catalogs that showcase modern living at its best.

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