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With elevation speakers? Les enceintes de la série Ultra sont-elles deux fois plus performantes que celles de la série Prime puisqu’elles coûtent deux fois plus cher ? The Ultra Bookshelf is also available in a stylish Piano White Gloss finish. The SVS Prime Pinnacle is a lot of speaker in a small footprint. The SVS Prime Tower is an audiophile-grade speaker that will appeal to anyone who craves big, highly transparent sound for music or home theater. If this brings you any consolation, you really can't screw this up. Its specially designed for outstanding dispersion cha... Dual isolated tweeter and woofer crossovers in the high-performance Ultra Surround speaker allow for bipole, dipole, or innovative SVS Duet Mode, which creates two speakers in a single cabinet. Is it right for you? I've read good things about their customer service. Hello first time poster on reddit. SVS Ultra Tower vs SVS Prime Pinnacle/ bass response/ room placement. If you didn't have a sub...then I'd say get the towers. I currently have 14 gauge speaker wire, will I need to replace it with 12 gauge and gain any sort of perceivable difference? Remember your job is to integrate your subwoofer, not parade it. The biggest difference is the Ultra Tower speaker’s dual-opposing eight-inch woofers housed in a sealed sub-enclosure at the base of the speaker. Choosing Between Bookshelf and Tower Speakers, Getting Started with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D. SVS products are backed by lifetime technical support from our Ohio-based Sound Experts. The usage will be primarily movies, but with lots of music and gaming too. Try our system builder tool for a fun and interactive way to build your perfect home audio set-up. Narrowing things Down, The new Klipsch RP-8000's vs SVS Prime So James Larson on Audioholics told Gene the RP-8000f's are not like typical Klipsch, not harsh and the best speaker he ever heard for the money. SVS Prime Pinnacle Towers (front view) SVS claims the reason for bringing this speaker to market is because they felt a demand for something more formidable than the Prime Towers but not as picky in placement as the Ultra towers. Par conséquent, le timbre de l'enceinte Prime Pinnacle est adapté pour s’intégrer à n’importe quelle enceinte de la série Prime ou Ultra. I wanted something that was reputed to be suitable for larger rooms. I love them. The approach brings together exacting science with a passionate expression of acoustic philosophy, and the love of pure, dynamically charged sound. Press J to jump to the feed. Why a Center Channel is the Most Important Speaker in Your Home Theater, The Magic of 2-Channel Stereo Speaker Systems. Thespeakers were wrapped in a soft cotton bag that … We created this page to help you compare the two speaker lines so you can make the best decision possible when building your home theater or audio system. Our SVS Sound Experts are frequently asked about the differences between the Prime and Ultra Series speakers. I don’t know the Ultra Tower’s bass response, but it sounds to me like it had a flat response down to low frequencies. Each of the 3.5-way Ultra Towers has a 25mm aluminium dome tweeter, dual 16.5cm glass-fibre mid-range drivers and dual horizontally opposed 20cm woofers, mounted in this way to help reduce distortion. Ultras, as your seating distance doesn't look to be too far. The Prime Tower has a sleeker cabinet design with dual, front-firing 6.5-inch woofers on the front baffle for deep and powerful low frequency playback. At the traditional 80 Hz crossover, my subwoofer started to outpace my towers, while at 60 Hz it filled out that bottom end nicely. I would obviously get the SVS elevation speakers in this case. I know the Prime Pinnacles more closely resemble the Prime Towers, which is why I hesitate with them as the Ultras (bookshelf) have been so highly regarded. The price difference between the Ultra bookshelves and Pinnacle Towers is negligible for me, however the Ultra Towers are above budget. I'd look at SVS Pinnacle and if you want a 3 way tower speaker with an AMT tweeter look at the Wharfedale Evo 4.3 at Crutchfield. But SVS has long since branched further up the audio-frequency tree with fuller-range models, including the Prime Pinnacle, a new flagship tower for its Prime series. The tower will have lower frequency extension, which will give you more crossover options with your subwoofer. Surrounds. but his statement was pretty strong. These enhancements allow it to create a more refined and accurate soundstage with extreme linearity and effortless low frequency response. We infused as much of the Ultra Series into the Prime as possible to create speakers with unmatched sound quality and dynamics for the price. Thanks. In fact, many of the Prime Series’ features, like the front baffle chamfers, aluminum dome tweeter and SoundMatch crossover, come directly from the Ultra speakers. I guess the basics of the question is: having a good subwoofer, is it worth purchasing towers over bookshelf speakers as L/R? Created with Sketch. Call: 877.626.5623 | Email That said, you should consider a few things that isn't commonly expressed, but has been relevant in my experience. Originally planned as a soft reveal – a “your eyes only” type of thing – the company came prepped with a bold banner, a static speaker display, and a live demo system. In our awesomeness score SVS Ultra Tower ranks #17 out of 205 and Fluance Signature Series ranks #66 out of 205. Go to awesomeness ranking Go to consumer score ranking Fluance Signature Series is more popular The sweeping side panels of the Ultra Tower are also non-parallel so each of the 8-inch woofers fire in different directions to fill a room with deep, effortless and accurate bass. After the ideal theoretical frequency response is achieved, SVS goes through an exhaustive listening and measurement process in calibrated listening rooms designed to resemble typical home environments. Black Ash will resume shipping October 23rd. I'd love to, but that one may get subject to Wife Acceptance Factor (I've already been cleared for everything else). Both SVS Prime and Ultra lines blend seamlessly together visually with a high end industrial design. Definitely the ultra bookshelves. Flawless, full-range performance, audiophile refinement, and massive cinema and concert level sound - world class audio experiences are now within everyone’s reach. Choose preset systems or customize your own by selecting any combination of SVS speakers and subwoofers and save! Whether you choose SVS Prime, Ultra or a combination of both speaker lines, you’ll know you’re getting pinpoint accuracy, powerful dynamics, stirring clarity and all the thrills of a world class immersive audio experience, for an unmatched price. Music. 0 items Customers like SVS Ultra Tower way more SVS Ultra Tower, the pricier option, tends to get more favorable reviews than Fluance Signature Series [4.8 vs 4.3 ]. In my experience, styrofoamisn’t a great packing material, but SVS has encased the end pieces in cardboardthat can hold them together if they do break. His review on line was pretty controlled nothing glowing etc. SVS speakers represent the pinnacle of high performance audio value. Before a model is ever built, drivers and cabinets are modeled using the most sophisticated computer-aided design (CAD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tools and processes available. Page 2 If you ever have any questions about your SVS product, or need help setting them up, feel free to contact … There’s a rear-firing port at the back too, which, combined with the side-firing woofers, means the Ultra Towers really need space… All SVS speakers outperform much more expensive tower, bookshelf, surround and Atmos speakers from other brands so it really comes down to your listening preferences, room, budget and other lifestyle factors when choosing the speakers that are best for you. ThePrime Pinnacle speakers arrived at my home in a sturdy box with styrofoampieces protecting the top, bottom, and middle. While soundbars, ... Online music streaming is a boon for music lovers. In fact, the more I listened, the more I found the pairing of the SB-2000 sub and the Prime Bookshelves to be a great match. | 1.2k. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the hometheater community. Born From Excellence. That tower is large! The Ultra Series features dual binding posts, versus the full range single binding posts on the Prime Series. View Entire Discussion (23 Comments) More posts from the hometheater community. I cannot go with the trial unfortunately being in Canada :( at least, not conveniently. I've also heard the Ultra Bookshelf before, which is what made me go with the Ultra Towers. My wife is upstairs baking pies. If I went with PB-3000, Ultra Towers, Ultra Centre, and Ultra Surrounds (the dipole speakers) to the sides of the couch, will I be losing anything musically compared to dedicated bookshelves as surrounds? I'd also try and sneak 6.1 into that room. The usage will be primarily movies, but with lots of music and gaming too. I've decided to increase my budget on surrounds as well. Had the SVS Prime bookshelves and found them downright painful for music, though pretty good for HT (as long as there wasn't any classical or jazz music in the soundtrack)...I'd expect the Prime towers to offer a bit more mid-bass but use the same tweeter which was my main objection.

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