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The Clash 100 was one of the very first racquets Brittany picked up after a two-month hiatus from … The 24.5 mm beam and beefier 11.4 oz strung weight allowed me to generate easy power and penetrating shots off both sides. You can fire multiple groundstrokes that travel as much distance as desired, beyond the baseline. But if they are all asked to mention what a perfect racquet looks and feels like, there would be similarities in their answers no matter their individual differences. The modern tennis player demands power and control and this requirement is at the core of the technology used in the Clash. Some players have observed that even though this racquet may be a bit lighter compared to its closest competitor, it does not affect its power and spin at the slightest. We wanted to see the Clash given a thorough going over using some of the UK’s best school players but we also wanted to hit some balls with the racket ourselves to see what all the hype was about. 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Shot placement comes easy, and the light weight … Too many rackets make tennis feel complicated, but the Ultra somehow seems to simplify everything. Sale As the lightest member of the Pure … But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Since most racquets boast of having enough functionalities to enhance our playing experience but rarely deliver, I’ve had to check out the Wilson Clash 100 racquet. As the ball finds its rightful place on the strings, players can decide on how powerful and accurate they need the hit to be. Whether you are playing the defensive or offensive, you have the right weapon in terms of control, power, and spin to down your opponents. Wilson has introduced their re-creation of the racquet, referred to as Wilson Clash… A lot has happened since then so Tennishead thought that now was a good time to give the Wilson Clash 100 a thorough review … The Wilson Clash 100 is one of those ideal racquets that has been tested and certified by many players at different playing levels and with varying skills. The Clash 100 comes in two versions, this Clash... Head size 100 in2 - Length 27” - Beam 24./5mm -... About us: JUST TENNIS is a family own business and... Wilson Clash 100 is useful for long-range and powerful shots, It is flexible and versatile, easily blends with your playing style. In my opinion, the racquet is good for strong beginners but most recommended for intermediate and advanced players. Beyond the hype and commendations, Wilson Clash 100 excels in its output and performance. This racquet is composed of graphite, giving it a strong form and relatively lightweight. Wilson Clash 100 tennis racket review The Wilson Clash range was launched to huge fanfare back in early 2019. Due to the new FeelFlex tech from Wilson (similar to FreeFlex from the Clash series), this racquet has a pocketing sensation reminiscent of some true racquet classics and is a lot more … It also caters to the needs of players who prefer less body strain or desire consistent power and spin boost with little effort. Write Review. Think of different players coming from different tennis backgrounds, and how varying their playing levels would be. Both have a 100 square-inch head, 16x19 string pattern and a constant 24.5 mm beam. What else is worthy of your money and trust, if not such a fantastic racquet? In short, the Clash definitely delivers on all the hype. (In other words you can blast your groundstrokes & serve and the ball will still go in!). In creating this racket, we sought to push the limits of how a racket could move, feel, react on ball impact and, ultimately, make a player feel. It ensures that shock and vibration do not get to your arm and shoulders. Learn all about the specs and … It is proven to be effective regardless of the player’s style or behavior on the court. With a tight grip, you can go for the ball at any angle. Control and confidence are the top attributes players want from their racket, and the Clash delivers on both. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. (A perk of the job!). Every tennis player deserves good things in life, including a fantastic racquet. As expected, you can get hold of the Clash in a variety of specifications to suit your game. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Wilson LABS are basically the tech geeks that develop all the materials and technology for Wilson rackets and for the Clash they have invented Free Flex. To keep the racquets from getting pushed around, Wilson uses Carbon Mapping in in the throat area called StableSmart, to make the Clash as stable as it is flexible.At under 10 ounces strung, the Clash … Wilson Clash Racquet Review: First Impressions written by Tennisnerd December 18, 2018 The Wilson Clash is one of the most hyped-up racquets since the Babolat Pure Strike 2017. To cap it off, the racquet includes FreeFlex and StableSmart, which guarantee you can have ultimate control and the best possible experience. We publish tennishead magazine & ‘The Bagel‘ newsletter & we have our own ‘tennishead CLUB‘ for those true tennis fans! The revolution grows with the all-new Clash 100UL from Wilson. When a new racket comes along that literally EVERYONE is talking about then Tennishead simply has to put it to the test. Rackets similar to Wilson Clash 100 UL Racket. Wilson clash 100 is 27inches (68 cm) long, and its head size is 100 square inches. But choosing a racquet that will give you the power and drive you need to be a champ is not … Click here to buy tennis rackets, balls, clothes, strings and shoes with a 5% DISCOUNT on the lowest internet price PLUS a free string upgrade (worth £30) from our trusted retail partner All Things Tennis. It gives the Wilson Clash 100 the right level of stability, without tampering with or reducing the racquet’s power. Despite the lofty promise that every racquet manufacturer makes, you still need to investigate how much of those promises are valid compared to the racquet’s in-court performance.

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