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If a game ends in under 5 minutes for any reason, it is okay to play another within the same session. Bowser Jr. (クッパ Jr., Koopa Jr.) is a new playable character from the Mario universe in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U,. Since Bowser has a decent grab, grabs aren't too hard to get, and you can hit hard with your combos, and even kill. There are over 100 builds in this list, and if you include all character and vehicle part equivalents, there are hundreds of viable builds here. Play VS. matches, with Bowser being the 3rd character to be unlocked. Since the glider has little influence over the stats, this is of no consequence and you should feel free to try any glider that provides the slight stat adjustment you prefer. Between 85% - 105%, Side-B hop-cancel into Up-Air+A is a guaranteed combo and usually kills, as long as you're not in the middle of the stage. Bowser (クッパ, Koopa) is the main antagonist of the Mario series and is one of Nintendo's most recognizable characters, and arguably its most recognized villain. If you feel that the speed is just too low for you, you can use the same setup with a heavier character, which will increase the speed and lower acceleration (see recommendation #3 above). Your kart and tire selection will also affect this tremendously, but that’s the general rule for characters. And I believe that you need either speed or AMT to be a 4 or higher for competitive play. He was shown to fight in his Junior Clown Car, using boxing gloves to attack (inspired by his Clown Car in New Super Mario Bros. U, but the gloves protrude with metal extenders instead of being attached to arms).He can also drop Mechakoopas and fire cannonballs. To be clear, this setup (with any weight class character) is viable for competitive online play if you know how to maximize the effect of the mini-turbos; I’ve seen high VR players (10k+) successfully use this build online to beat other high VR players using the so-called meta build. Bowser's team is also playable in Mario Super Sluggers.When led by Bowser Jr., the team is called Bowser Jr. Rookies.The roster is somewhat similar, though Magikoopas are now available as extras. Anytime I mention a character for a build, you can use any other character in the same group to obtain the same stats. Light Mii – S:1.25, A:5.5, 5.25 (99k VR player). It deals 1.8×1 to 12 damage. {{getChatBookSessionCoachSessionTypeCost(chat, chat.selectedCoachingType)}}. Bowser Jr./Baby Rosalina/* Yoshi + Yoshi Bike/Master Cycle + Monsters/Metal/Cushion + Plane glider In general, I try to put heavier characters into vehicles with better handling and acceleration. You can make the speed slightly higher than acceleration or vice-versa with your choice of glider (Super Glider=more speed, Paper=more acceleration). Handling and traction are fairly important, but weight is much less so. I tried some high-speed, low AMT combos that were great for circuit tracks, but they failed miserably on other tracks with more turns and less straightaways, like Neo Bowser City and Dragon Driftway. The enormous celebration of all things Nintendo (and sometimes just Nintendo adjacent) has gotten rave reviews. Bowser Jr. Characters, vehicles, and tires heavily influence the stats, but the glider makes only slight adjustments. Le circuit commence par un virage à 180°. For example, Waluigi has the same stats as Donkey Kong and Roy, who are all cruiser weights. Like the previous games, all the members of the Bowser Monsters have good chemistry with Bowser, with the Magikoopas and Bro variants having good chemistry with Bowser Jr. as well. I tried using Morton on the same build and I found it slightly more difficult for handling, but many players do successfully use a super heavy character. Ask a question or message a coach before your next coaching session. I would not go higher than 4-4.5 speed, however, because you lose too much on other stats in exchange for that extra speed. There are over 100 builds in this list, and if you include all character and vehicle part equivalents, there are hundreds of viable builds here. eligible for continued coaching. Attack Description Damage Floor attack: Retreats into his shell and spins in place. Special Moves. Wario with Super Glider: S–3.5, AMT–4.25, W–3.25, H–3.5, T–3.25. Without the ability to utilize his side b Bowser jr mains are left powerless. Therefore, it’s impossible to have a build that has a 4 in both (1) speed and (2) AMT. All of our Smash Ultimate guides created with the help of Eric Van Allen. This is important because mini-turbo is a hidden stat that you can’t view in game. Defeat Giga Bowser in World of Light.With the exception of the third method, Bowser must then be defeated on Mushroom Kingdom U. In Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Message any PRO without buying a session. Of note, my #2 recommendation above has the same S/AMT stats with a 3 in Handling. This is because these combos have bad handling (seriously, try Wario/Circuit Special/Slick tires on a wet Neo Bowser City). Generally, light characters have higher acceleration, mini-turbo, and handling, but with lower speed and weight than heavier characters. 200cc requires lots of braking because you’re moving too fast as is, so the loss of speed is actually a benefit (less braking and more control). Using your neutral-B and down-B to create a wall of projectiles can be useful, especially against characters that have trouble approaching. It deals 10-20 damage. 2. By: ProGuides. Here is a list of the game’s stats and what they mean (the higher the stat, the better): 1) Speed: Top speed (how fast you can go) on land with normal gravity. So I’m comfortable with AMT being the top consideration. Bowser flips alot of stereotypical Tank attributes on their heads, as not only is he the heaviest character in the game, he's also a pretty fast and hard-hitting character to boot. Bowser Jr. is classified as fighter #58. You receive feedback while playing together. Down B is very cool. For the best experience, message the Coach before booking. As a result, traction allows you to take tighter turns/drifts. An alternative with similar stats is #1 with Waluigi, Standard Bike, Roller, Paper. Edition, Bowser Jr. is a separate entity from the Bowser + Koopaling combo, with his own life bar and attacks. 6) Mini-Turbo (“MT”): Controls how quickly you can charge mini-turbos and how long the resulting boost will last. Welcome to Part 3 of the MK8D (Switch) guide where we’re discussing how to choose a competitively viable build. Tips for Bowser Jr. And this is particularly important for new or inexperienced players that get hit often or have difficulty handling (staying on the track). By: ProGuides. Bowser is a fashionable dude and we’ve already seen blue and green versions of his default skin. Little Mac - 5.5 Worst Match. 2-minute read. The following are groups of characters that have identical stats, from smallest and lightest to biggest and heaviest. Moves to know. This setup provides the highest practical acceleration, mini-turbo, and handling possible. 4) Best acceleration, mini-turbo, and handling build (i.e. The Junior Clown Car transforms into a go-kart that speeds forward. Bowser Jr. was unofficially revealed as a playable character in SSB4 by a leak of the ESRB review video. As you’ll see below, at least some of these builds are objectively inferior (lower on almost all stats) to some of the best karts I mentioned above, proving that skill level is far more important than your build. If you lose, get a bonus coached game. This build has lower stats than the meta in every category but handling, yet this player consistently destroyed everyone and maintained a max VR of 99k. [HYPER COMBOS:] Down-Forward-Attack X2: Sonic Roar Bowser Jr. will say “Hear me roar, like my Papa!” as he leans his head back. Reminder: Please have {{getCurrentGameName}} and {{sessionConfirmationCommunicationMethod}} open and ready. But even better than those in my opinion is … Bowser Jr. Combos. 2) A semi-balanced build with a little more speed – If you want slightly more speed in exchange for slightly lower AMT, handling, and traction, you can use the same combo (#1 above) with Button/Leaf tires instead of rollers and the Super Glider. Bowser Jr. Le Château de Bowser 2 (Château Bowser 2 dans Super Circuit) est un circuit apparu pour la première fois dans Mario Kart: Super Circuit, en tant que quatrième et dernière course de la Coupe Fleur. Higher acceleration usually comes at the price of lower speed and weight. And once you have about 3 in weight, you’re not heavily affected by bumps. Regarding acceleration and mini-turbo, since they’re almost always equal, you have to judge them together. Unlimited access to all courses, unlimited coach chats, 10% off the Points Store, and bonus coaching sessions. Gameplay. Waluigi also has a smaller hit box. you complete a session, you MUST remove the coach's credentials from any Helpful/Unrated (0) Unhelpful (0) ('0' + savedCard.exp_month) : savedCard.exp_month}}/{{savedCard.exp_year % 100}}, {{getSelectedPointsOption.points}} Points, -${{getPointDiscountAmount(getSelectedPointsOption.price)}}, ${{ getDiscountPrice(getSelectedPointsOption.price) }}. Neutral Special Attack – Clown Cannon. This is a valid strategy if you’re comfortable with it, but personally, it doesn’t fit my playing style. Bowser Jr. has four special attacks. If so, he’s clearly superior to the other cruisers. Start a chat to set up a session. Sticky; Junior and the Koopalings Game Play Discussion. The Coach is currently unavailable or in another session. I tried some high-speed, low AMT combos that were great for circuit tracks, but they failed miserably on other tracks with more turns and less straightaways, like Neo Bowser City and Dragon Driftway. Ultimate. 4 games max/session. Up-throw combos are arguably Bowser's best tools. If a game ends in under 15 minutes for any reason, you may ask to play Videos thread. I follow a few guidelines when choosing a build. I have wanted him playable as a newcomer ever since the pre-Brawl era and I finally got my wish. This is a hidden stat, meaning that you can’t see it in the kart selection screen. Clear Classic Mode with Donkey Kong or anyone in his unlock tree, being the 1st character unlocked. So instead of providing you with more combos that I subjectively recommend, I thought it would be more useful to provide a long list of viable builds for competitive play. Cannonball is not too useful, but note that Jr. can grab ledges during the recovery frames after shooting the cannonball. This combo is also ideal for 200cc where it’s preferable to have lower speed with better handling. Each coach will have their own prices listed, 100 PG Points = $1.00 USD. Hi i am trying to choose my main. 3) Weight: You know what weight is. Down Smash kills around 130, as does Forward Smash. For this reason, Wario is better than the super heavy characters (Morton/Bowser). Waluigi’s stats: S–3.5, AMT–4.25, W–3, H–3.5, T–3.25. In this Super Smash Bros. Some of the moves in his moveset deal large amounts of damage in a single move, making them good finishers, or deal multiple hits, allowing Bowser to quick… Shaya; Sep 11, 2014; 7 8 9. If you’re using one of these builds and are still losing consistently, you can stop blaming your combo and start thinking about how to improve your skills or strategy. My general game plan as Bowser jr. is to spam side b into aerial combos (nair and up air). — A handsome man. The following websites, which incorporate and display hidden stats, are useful resources to help you find the right build: Now, I won’t list specific stats for every character and vehicle part in the game: other websites have already done that. If you ever need help, just click "Start Live Chat," our customer support I have tried many other combos and often come back to this, with Waluigi or Wario, as my favorite. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Guide, Part 3 — Best Character/Kart Combos, General considerations for characters and karts, Analysis and discussion of the best character/kart combos, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Guide, Part 2 — Basic Controls, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Guide, Part 1 — Introduction, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Dry Bones, Light Mii, Metal Mario, Pink Gold Peach, Gold Mario  (This group is unique because it’s in the correct placement here for vehicle size, but it’s actually equal in weight to the super heavyweight group [Bowser/Morton]. Terms of Service I have wanted him playable as a newcomer ever since the pre-Brawl era and I finally got my wish. Lower weight=bumps affect you more, potentially sending you flying off track or even spinning you out (similar to getting hit by an item or hitting a hazard). The game has hidden stats for speed in water, air, and on anti-gravity (for example, F-Zero, Big Blue, and parts of other tracks), which may vary a bit from the ground speed, but will be in the same general range. Receive 2 wins guaranteed.

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